Crayola Ultra-Clean Stampers | 10 Nontoxic Washable Markers

  • RM29.90

  • Add pops of colorful fun to your drawings and designs with Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Stamper Markers.

  • Nontoxic

  • Recommended for age 3+

  • Simply press the tip of the marker to your paper to stamp wherever you like.

  • Use Stampers to create a starry night or a trail of paw prints, and add smiley faces, hearts, mustaches, and more.

  • 10 Design || Magenta Love, Winkin' Pink, Citrus Zap, Sunset Star, Lime Shades, Go Green!, Teal Tones, Blue Prints, Bloomin' Violet, Shadow 'Stache

  • Made in USA

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