Crayola Washable Kids Paint | 10 Classic Colours

  • RM54.90

  • Crayola Washable Kids' Paint is an ideal introductory paint for young children working on their first art projects

  • This high-quality paint does not drip readily from brushes and it won't separate; ensuring that only the paint you want on the page actually gets there.

  • Let your kid’s imagination run wild without worrying about the mess. This non-toxic, washable paint will ensure your kids do not ruin clothes when they feel the need to get creative.

  • It washes easily from skin and most fabric surfaces.

  • 10 Colours || Red, Orange, Yellow,Green, Turquoise, Blue, Violet, Magenta, Brown, White

  • Content || 10 x 2oz(59ml) each

  • Recommended for children ages 3+

  • Nontoxic

  • Made in USA

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