When you feel the rush of creativity, need to get a message across, or even just to get your writing done in the most efficient way possible, there’s no better equipment at hand than Artline pens. The brand focuses on making the finest quality pens and markers for use in creating, writing, and working. Their line of specialty pens and markers, highlighters, and more have earned a worldwide reputation for nearly 50 years now, following their company motto of “making the world flow better”.

An Artline marker lets you do things the way you want them done. Do you need a marker that can write easily on difficult surfaces like porous wood or shiny steel and glass? Their permanent markers use ink that can work on a wide variety of surfaces, plus you also have an assortment of different tips and line widths to cover whatever you need to do, whether inside the office or out in the field. They have permanent markers that can be left with the cap off for up to two weeks without the ink drying, and markers that have dual nib sizes in one. They even have markers with retractable mechanisms and pocket clips for easy use and carrying.

We also recommend Artline’s Fineliner pens. The instant drying, blur-proof ink they use in their pens make them extremely practical for everyday writing and drawing. If you need specialised pens for specialised work, they also have fineliners that are most suitable for stencilling, lettering, and even calligraphy. All of these pens and markers are assured to be high-quality products, so all you have to do is pick out the pen or marker that is most suited for the job you need to do.