Whether you’re buying it for your kids to have fun with their creativity, or an artist who needs quality materials for his work, a Buncho crayon can be one of the best items in your art supply kit. For parents, it is essential for them to be assured that these art crayons are made to be non-toxic, thus safe for children to use. For artists, these art crayons are designed to give a polished, smooth wax pastel output with vibrant colours. These crayons will work well on paper, cardboard, wood, gesso, plaster, canvas, and most absorbent or even semi-absorbent surfaces.

Do you need highly pigmented colours that you can use for either wet or dry art techniques? You will not go wrong with a product from Buncho. We recommend trying out their oil pastels to give you excellent results without wreaking havoc on your budget. A Buncho oil pastel set is perfect for that artist who wants to take that next step towards becoming more serious in his work but is not too expensive that a beginner might be wary about buying it.

Working with low-quality art supplies might leave a wrong impression on beginners. They’ll be disappointed with the results and might even discourage them from learning more about the craft. As with all others, you must understand that you get what you pay for, and if you go with the cheapest brands, you will get low-quality results. Some people even get turned off with oil pastels altogether after using cheap brands, so if you want to enjoy your art, it’s best to invest in high-quality supplies. Shop Buncho stationary today.