G’Soft is a reputable and highly-regarded brand of gel pens all over Asia and has made its name by its maiden product, the G’Soft pen. The mother company carries a diverse line of brands featuring an assortment of products such as stationery, writing implements, and office supplies, but the most well-known for their gel pens.


A gel pen is probably the most useful pen to have in anyone’s collection because it can do a lot of things, like colouring, drawing, and of course, writing. Even though users know there are better tools for finer work, a gel pen is a good place to start if you don’t want to invest in a specialty pen. Some professionals might need a pen for use in calligraphy, technical designs, and such, but for a jack of all trades, a gel pen is the way to go. It makes writing and drawing an effortless, smooth experience due to its ability to produce an amazingly even flow of ink with a glide.


Aside from pens, you can also get a G’Soft pencil if that’s what you need in your work. If you’re looking for a quality pencil that’s suitable for both writing and drawing, why not buy a set of our Harvard 2B pencils? They produce highly-visible lines on paper, which is really important if you’re often scanning, faxing, or photocopying documents. The bigger and more durable lead points are also essential for marking down answer sheets a lot faster without the lead breakage.