Pentel is well-known for making some of the best and highest quality writing and drawing instruments, whether it’s their collection of fine pens, mechanical pencils, or brush pens for the more creative enthusiasts. Their mechanical pencils feature state-of-the-art “Lead Maximizer” technology, which is a continuous feed system that mechanically feeds the lead into the sleeve, avoiding jams and breakage, as well as increasing the use of the lead by around 24%.

A Pentel brush pen allows you to let loose your creative ideas and bring them to life. Do you need to create fine lines that can smoothly transition into exquisite gradations and bold blocks of colour? Say no more. What you need is a brush pen from Pentel. This is a modernised version of that old-time art brush that is a favourite item in any artist’s tool kit. The responsive brush lets you create thick or thin lines with just one instrument, putting you in control and allowing you to keep those creative juices flowing without having to stop and pick up another brush.

Of course, there are the Pentel stationery pens that have earned an enviable reputation as some of the best writing instruments you can own. The selection alone is sure to cover any kind of writing or drawing you might need to do. These are highly functional and versatile rollerball pens and ballpoint pens, both suitable for students and executives alike. Their liquid gel pens are also recommended for their super smooth writing performance without leaving smears and smudges.