Crayola has earned a well-deserved reputation all over the world for making probably the best crayons ever to inspire children’s imagination. Ever since the first-ever box of Crayola crayons got sold more than a hundred years ago, the company has maintained its standards for making quality, affordable, safe crayons. They have even expanded into producing a wide assortment of art supplies as well, such as coloured chalk, modelling clay, painting supplies, markers, and more.
Every kid should have Crayola products in their arts and crafts kits, even if it’s just a basic box of crayons. It’s an absolute must-have for young artists everywhere. Give a child a box of Crayola crayons and watch his face light up. These crayons give you the best bang for your buck since they are guaranteed to last at least 35% longer than competing products, and if your young Picasso is ready to move on to more advanced stuff, we recommend trying out our other products. We have glitter, metallic, and even fabric crayons to get your kids updated with their art kit.
Select from a basic box of crayons containing 8 or 16 colours and move on to a bigger 24 ct. box if you want more choices. For those who want it all, there are the 96 and 120-ct. boxes with bonus crayons to boot! Do you crave novelty? We have them! Neon crayons, glitter, scented crayons, and even crayons for speciality use on fabrics. But who says colouring is just for kids? We also have oil pastels, tri-colour pencils, acrylic paint sets, and brush tip markers for the older generation who want to get in on the fun. Take a look at our website and pick out the best supplies for your dream art kit now! Shop online today at 1 Station Hub.