Sakura is a household name when it comes to writing instruments, especially those who love using ink gel pens. After all, they were the first company to invent and produce the gel-based ink, resulting in the ubiquitous gel pen that is a staple in schools and offices today. After their accomplishment, though, the company never stopped innovating and improving their products, and have produced several pens and markers that rank among the best when it comes to technology, safety, and performance.

The Sakura PenTouch paint markers is a great example of the quality that comes standard in every Sakura product. Do you need vibrant colours and smooth application when working on arts and crafts projects, or maybe you just need to spice up some cards, ornaments, or knick-knacks? The PenTouch markers lets you do all of these and more, with colourful paint flowing smoothly from the marker’s chamber right to the tip and onto the surface. Whether you’re working on paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metal, or even porcelain, it will do the job.

If you need a set of pens for detailed, advanced work, we suggest buying the Sakura Micron pen set. It’s highly functional and perfectly convenient for that job where you need to work on projects like detailed technical drawings and illustrations. The needle tips on these pens let the user work as precisely as he can, with the patented Pigma ink providing smooth writing operation with acid-free, archival quality. Get the set of pens you need from a selection of tip sizes, tip variations, and ink colours.