Faber Castell 48 Watercolour Pencils + Brush Set

Faber Castell 48 Watercolour Pencils + Brush Set

  • RM83.90

  • These pencils add a new level to your creativity. The brilliant colours with a silky and smooth colour laydown are all water-soluble.

  • But no need to worry if the painting lesson gets a bit messy: the pencil can be washed out of most fabrics.

  • The pencils as such come in hexagonal shape and of course with the special SV bonding to prevent breakage.
  • Rich water soluble colours transform into brilliant watercolours when brushed with water, creating unlimited shade options

  • Smooth thick 3.3mm leads

  • Paint brush, sharpener and 2B pencil included on pack

  • The convenient detachable case comes with handles that easy to carry and place it anywhere

  • The durable material will protect the pencils

  • Pack size || 48 Watercolour Pencils

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