If you’ve ever used a permanent marker, chances are you’ve heard about Sharpie markers. The brand is synonymous with the tool, having set the industry standard for this writing and drawing tool that has become a fixture in homes, schools, and offices around the world. The original Sharpie marker was introduced way back in 1964, was the first permanent marker to be designed in a pen style and moved on to become a household name. It could write on almost any surface, from paper and cardboard to glass, wood, stone, and metal.

Today, Sharpie has developed its line of permanent markers to include a selection of specialised tools for every marking, writing, and drawing purpose. The classic Sharpie marker is now available in several tips (fine, ultra fine, chisel, twin tip, etc.) and colours, and they also have art markers for the creative types. You can now buy markers with oil-based paint, water-based paint, and brush tip markers. These are perfect for working on posters, scrapbooking, and even creating window art.

For those tough marking jobs where you need a reliable tool on hand, Sharpie Pro Markers are for you. Their King, Magnum, Professional, and Industrial markers are made to be ruggedly functional while being used in working conditions. These tough markers can easily write on oily, wet, and abrasive surfaces, as well as on corrugated sheets, leather, stone, and foil. The chisel tips are made to last 50% longer than their standard tips, with aluminium barrels to withstand heavy use on work sites.

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