► For most orders allow 1-4 days for despatch, depending on availability

   ► For order within Malaysia, please allow 1-3 business days for delivery transit from the date of dispatch. 

   ► For international orders, please allow transit time of 5-20 working days from the date of dispatch. Please allow extra time for deliveries to remote areas.*

How orders are processed

On business days at approximately 8:00 am (GMT+8), orders with payments applied in the previous 24 hours are bundled into a single batch of customer requirements for streamlined handling by our crew.

By midday, bulk picking lists are sent through from accounts to administration for logging, then to the crew in our warehouse, where the process of gathering goods for that batch of orders begins. With something like 25,000 variants on offer in our store at any time, this job must be done very carefully. 

Next, it's off to our packing room, checked, and packed in individual parcels or cartons for consignment. Sometimes goods are shipped by close of business that afternoon. However, during periods of peak demand, or when imported shipments are delayed beyond anyone's control, getting orders completed can take longer. Mostly it takes 1-7 days for us to get an order on its way to you for delivery within Malaysia. If your order is urgent, please contact our team before making payment. We do our best to meet urgent deadlines but can make no cast-iron guarantees.

*All international parcels are subject to customs inspection, duty & taxes in the destination country.
*Custom inspectors reserve the rights to open the parcel for inspection
*Custom inspection may take 1-3 weeks depending on your country and the customs officer.