Artline 999XF Metallic Permanent Marker | Gold & Silver

  • RM13.80

    • Metallic Ink markers are rich in gold and silver pigments and create an excellent metallic effect
    • Write on most surface. Paper, metal glass, plastic, rubber and etc
    • 0.8mm
    • Polyacetal Resin Tip
    • Aluminium barrel
    • Highly water and fade resistant
    • Acid Free and quick drying
    • Completely opaque even on dark or transparent surfaces
    • Xylene Free
    • Manufacture in Malaysia

    • Package Content:-
    • 2 x Artline 999XF Metallic Marker 

    • Care Instruction
    • Shake well with cap on before use and press the nib down several time for sufficient ink flow
    • If ink colour thins, wipe the nib with a soft cloth and press the tip
    • Keep capped and horizontal when not in use

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