Sakura Koi Colouring Brush Pen | Blender

  • RM5.99

  • Achieve fine, medium or bold brush strokes by changing the pressure to the nib

  • Durable tip and flexible brush marker

  • Pen length || ~137mm

  • Convenient for on-the-go artist

  • This special "blender" pen creates seamless washes and color gradations

  • AP seal certified

  • Recommended age || 14+

  • Suitable for students, graphic artists, Designers, illustrators, architects and cartoonist

  • Made in Japan

  • Variation of bulk quantity available upon request
How to blend?
  1. Choose the two colors you want to blend.
  2. Take of the caps of the brush pens and hold the brush nips against each other.
  3. It works best if you keep one brush pen above the other. In just a short time you will see the color flows from the upper brush pen into the other.
  4. Now use the brush pen with the two colors of ink and just start writing, coloring or add details. Amazing how the strange color comes out first and slowly changes back into the original color, isn’t it?

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