Sakura Pen-Touch Silver Shadow Marker | Fine 1.0mm

  • RM9.70

  • Leave an impact on art projects, everyday applications and crafts
  • Alcohol-based permanent ink
  • Opaque Ink
  • Mark on must surfaces - wood, metal, glass,plastic,leather,porcelain and rubber
    • On porous surface (paper, wood)-Metallic line with colored outline.
    • On non-porous (Coated paper, Plastics)- Colored metallic.
  • Permanent and quick drying
  • Follow instruction on barrel
  • Size || Fine 1.0mm
  • Colour || Green | Pink | Purple
  • Made in Japan

* Markers write on many surfaces, but whether the mark is permanent or not depends on the surface & conditions (washing, scrubbing, chemicals, heat, cold, etc.), applied to the mark after the fact. We suggest that you test first to make sure that the marker will work for your specific use and conditions. 

* Different manufacturing batches may result in a slight variation in shades across the different nib sizes

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