Sakura Traditional Chinese Painting Colour Set

  • RM95.00

  • Beautiful traditional Chinese painting colour
  • No need to mix colour pigments with glue. All in one in one tube
  • Best colour assortment for traditional Chinese painting.
  • Outstanding preservation stability
  • This colour assortment makes reference to the colour hue of traditional mineral pigments that is using traditional paining
  • New developed glue is difficult to rot in the tube
  • The colour spread well, does not bleed too much and easy to use
  • It has a strong adhesiveness and water-resistant after drying, and maintains the beautiful colour when a picture is mounted
  • It is easy to dissolve in water or glue, and the colour performance is stable.
  • According to the Chinese QB-T1750 "Chinese traditional painting pigment".
  • Available in pack of 18 and 24 colours
  • 1 tube=12ml
  • Made in China

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