Staedtler Textsurfer Classic Pastel Highlighter

  • RM3.90

  • Soft chisel tip writes approx 1mm - 5mm line.
  • Ink jet safe highlighters, designed not to smudge inkjet printouts. These pens also contain large ink reservoirs for long lasting performance.
  • The body of each highlighter is rectangle shaped, with a clip on the lid for easy storage.
  • Each highlighter has a durable, polypropylene barrel.
  • Comes with a black highlighter suitable for covering up text and lines, however, they still remain legible. Illegible after copying.
  • *This black hide lighter Textsurfer is perfect for covering information on sensitive or confidential documents that need to be photocopied or scanned
  • Pastel Colours || Pastel Sunflower Yellow | Pastel Orange | Pastel-Light Carmine | Pastel Lavender | Pastel Lime Green | Pastel Mint | Vintage Light Grey | Vintage Black*.
  • Made in Germany

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